The Record Pickers are found throughout Eploy, used for linking, creating and managing Relationships. As Eploy records are relational, building the correct relationship structure is very important. For example, a placement record will be linked to a candidate, a vacancy, a contact and a company. These relationships are created using the record pickers.

Auto – Populate Relationships

When creating new records, the relationships section will need to be completed, to ensure that the record structure is correct. To help with this, Eploy can auto populate relationships, depending on where the record is being created from.

For example, to create a vacancy, you can use the Eploymenu, selecting View – Vacancies – New Vacancy. Creating the vacancy this way will mean that the relationship section will need to be populated manually. However, if the vacancy was created from within the Contact record, the relationship would be auto-populated with the company and the contact details. To do this;

  • Click in to the desired Contact record.
  • Select the Vacancy tab
  • Click New


By creating the vacancy this way, Eploy will automatically fill in the company & contact details of the relationship section;

Creating Relationships

If the relationship section has not been automatically populated, you can add the details manually. To do this;

  • Type the title of the record you are linking in to search bar, in the relationship section.
  • Depending on the record type, the search will default to Title (Vacancies) or Surname (Candidate & Contact).
  • This can be changed however, by using the drop down list.

  • If looking for a candidate, type their surname into the search bar. You don’t have to type the full surname, as the search has a built in wildcard This means that it will match with any candidate that includes the text in their surname.
  • Click ADD to open the search results.
  • This will open a new window, with all the matched candidates in a drop down list.
  • Select the record and click Apply.
  • This will then update the Candidate field within the Relationship

If you have chosen incorrectly and need to replace the candidate, simply click remove and the repeat the process.

These record pickers are found through out Eploy, so ensuring they are used correctly will help to maintain the accuracy of your database & complete your admin trail.

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