The function of the Email Import tool is to store copies of emails that you are either sending or have received from clients or candidates, within your Eploy database. A copy of each email will be stored against the candidate, contact or company record.

Note: Importing an email into a contact record also imports that email into the company record that the contact is assigned against.


  • You need to have an email import mailbox set up against your Eploy system. The mailbox address will usually be in the form of email@ (contact support to enquire about setup)
  • The email address that the emails are being sent from needs to be logged against the user profile

Once you have an email ready to send to either a candidate or contact you can import a copy into Eploy by entering the Email import address into the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field of the email, and click send.

A copy of the email will then be forwarded to the email import mailbox as well as the original being sent to the recipient (specified in the TO… field).

Once a copy of the email has been received into the Email Import Mailbox, Eploy will then check:

  1. That the email has come from an email address that has been designated to an Eploy user in their user profile.
  2. That the recipients email address is matched in the system against a candidate, contact or company record.

The steps outlined above may take anything up to 20 minutes to process. If both of the above conditions are met, the system will then insert a copy of the email into the relevant record within Eploy in the form of a correspondence log.

Importing emails you have previously received into Eploy

You can forward emails that you have received from contacts or candidates into the system by forwarding them to the Email import mailbox address (

The system will look to match the email address which sits between the From: and Sent: Tags in the body of the email. In this example the system will match the email address  with a record in the system containing the same email address.

Viewing imported emails

The correspondence subject will be copied from the email subject. The Correspondence type (shown in brackets) defaults to (General Email), however this can be changed by clicking into the correspondence record and amending the correspondence type.

To view the contents of an imported email from the main summary screen within the Activity summary, simply click on the  icon.

You can also view imported emails by clicking into the correspondence tab within a record, selecting the correspondence log, and then clicking on Merge Content: Click to view

Import failure Bounce Back emails

An email will be sent out (with the subject: Email not imported), if for any reason the Email Import Tool fails to import the email into Eploy. The email will contain an error message outlining the reason for the import failure.

The two reasons that will cause an email import to fail are:

The system was unable to match either:

  • The senders email address to an email address assigned to an Eploy user
  • The email address in the email to an email address specified in a candidate, contact or company record within Eploy

Where that email goes, will depend on the reason the email was not imported

  • If only the user is found then email is sent back to that user
  • If no user or record found then email is sent back to email address in system agency details (please contact to set this up).

If you receive an email not imported email because A matching Company, Contact or Candidate record was NOT found for the email address, check the email address in the email (by clicking into the Email.emi attachment) against the email addresses in Eploy. The best way to check it is to copy the email address from the email and paste it into the quick search bar and see if it is matched

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