Files can be saved against different record types, allowing you to store important information against Contacts, Companies, Candidates, Vacancies and Placements. This may be used to save a particular Companies Terms and Conditions, or if the candidate has provided you with proof of ID or certificates against their own record.


If you are attaching the file to a contact, company, vacancy or placement record, the record must already exist on your database. Files cannot be saved at point of creation for these record types. When creating a candidate record using the CV import tool, as long as the files are sent in the same email as the candidate CV, the additional files can be saved against the candidate record. You will be asked where to save them and what file type to save them as during the import process.

Attaching Files to Existing Records

In the example below, we have outlined how to attach a file to an existing company record. However, the same process can be followed for attaching files to a contact, candidate, vacancy or placement;

  • Search for the company to add the file to
  • Click the Files tab


  • Select New to launch the record picker window (if this does not pop up, check for a pop up blocker)
  • Click on Browse
  • Search for the document you wish to upload and select it
  • Choose the File Type from the dropdown
  • Title will be taken from the document uploaded (this can be changed manually in this text box)
  • Click on Upload 


Once uploaded, the documents will be displayed in the Files tab of the record.


Attaching Files when creating Candidate Records

A file can be attached to an existing candidate record using the method outlined above. However, if a new candidate has provided their CV along with supporting documents, these can be added at the same time as creating the candidate record using the CV Import Tool.

  • Send CV and supporting documents in one email to your CV import mail box (this is usually set up as
  • Open the CV Import Tool
  • Select email and click Next
  • Complete the details about the CV Import
  • Un-tick Only import allowed CV files if any of the files attached are different to those listed
  • Click Next
  • Insert Application or Add to Long List (if linked to a vacancy)
  • Click Next
  • If needed Create Action
  • Click Next
  • Select to Store Correspondence
  • Click Next
  • Select from the dropdown What do you want to do with these files


  • Once you have made your choices click Import Email (you must select to one file to proceed)
  • To skip this email click Skip Email (no files will be imported)
  • Select All As CV’s will set each file to Create a New Candidate
  • Ignore All will reset all the files to Ignore
  • Close will close the CV Import Tool
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