This article explains how to log in to the Hiring Manager Portal.

We will also explore how a Hiring Manager can reset their password, how to log in using 2-Factor Authentication and Single Sign On.

Note: Before a Hiring Manager can log in to the portal, you must first have created a user account for them.  Please see this guide for information on how to create a Hiring Manager User account.

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Username and Password

Hiring Managers log in to the Hiring Manager Portal by entering their Username and password, then clicking Login.


Resetting a Password

If a Hiring Manager does not know, or has forgotten their password, they can reset it manually by clicking the Forgot Password link.


They enter their email address and click Continue.

If Eploy recognises their email address, they will be sent an email containing a link to reset their password.

Note: if the Hiring Manager does not receive the email, you can reset their password for them from within their User record in the core system.

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication requires the Hiring Manager to either enter a code sent to their registered email address or telephone number. 

Alternatively, they may be able to use either the Google or Microsoft authentication apps on their phone. 

The options available will be specific to your organisation.


Single Sign-On

If your organisation has activated Single Sign On, in addition to the Username and Password options, Hiring Managers will see an additional button inviting them to log-in via single sign on.

Hiring Managers must use this Single Sign On button to access the Hiring Manager Portal, rather than use username and password.



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