The most efficient way to create a Hiring Manager user is from within a Contact record. By doing so, you can draw a lot of the details from the contact into the new user, automatically copying the address, contact information, job title and display names.

Note - You can also create a user from Admin > Users, but doing so will require you to manually populate the contact details and the relationship.

Navigate to the Contact and click into the Users tab. This will show you any existing users associated with the record, as well as allowing you to create a new user by clicking New on the grey toolbar.


Remember you need to have a contact in place before you can create the Hiring Manager user - please see this guide for information on how to do this.

New Hiring Manager User

Based on the quality of information recorded within the Contact, lots of the fields on the user insert form will be populated for you, but please check through the details and ensure they are correct. The key fields to populate are:

  • User Display Name - This will be visible in drop down lists and reports, so ensure that this is populated with the hiring manager's full name.
  • Username - This will be the user name used when logging in to the portal. 

Hint - If you set the username to be the email address of the user, it is an easy one for them to remember!

  • User Type - This needs to be set to Hiring Manager. Based on your permissions, you may have options to create standard users or vendors, so ensure that the correct option is picked for Hiring Manager. Once confirmed, you cannot change the user type, so ensure it is correct before saving.


  • Password - Here you can set a password on behalf of the new user and, if used in conjunction with the Must Change Password on Next Log In tickbox, you can ensure that the HM resets their password as they log in, helping to ensure it is secure.

Hint - Any passwords you set will need to comply with your hiring manager password policy. For more information on how this is password policies, please see this guide.

  • Company / Contact Relationship - This is where the user is associated to a contact in the system and will be populated for you if you create the user profile directly against the contact. This relationship is used for determining where in the company structure this user belongs and can influence the roles they user can see and approve.
  • System Email Address - Found within the Address section, the system email address will be used when sending and receiving emails from the system for this hiring manager.


Other Information

As well the key fields which need to be populated, you may also wish to populate the other fields in the hiring manager profile. These can be used for recording additional important information specifically for that user:

  • Copy Display settings from User - this will allow you to load in the grid defaults from another user for this new user.
  • Log Activity - This option will track the time and date of any log ins, as well as the IP address.
  • Permitted IP Access - Here you can control the IP address / range that the user is able to log in from. Click Add to record the allowed IPs (such as your office) which will mean the user can only log in when using that IP. If left blank, no IP restriction will be in place.
  • Other Email Addresses - This will allow you to associate multiple email addresses to the user profile, so that imported emails can be matched with this user.
  • Eploymail Settings - If you're using Eploymail, you can use these settings to dictate which emails and folders are visible to other users.

Once you have populated the relevant fields, click Save to create the hiring manager profile. Before getting them to log in though, you will need to update their user permissions, which controls which type of record the hiring manager will have access to.  More information on Hiring Manager permissions can be found in this guide.

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