How do I contact a Candidate or Contact?

Within Eploy, you can contact a Candidate or Contact via Email or SMS.  Simply select the Contact, Candidate or Application and select Contact from the grey menu bar.  


Across the top of the Contact window, we find several options.

To begin with, we can select whether we wish to contact via Email, SMS or Both.

Next, we have the Send and Preview buttons.  The Mark as Contacted slider allows you to control whether this message changes the Contacted state of the Contact, Candidate or Application.

The Select Template drop-down list can be used to select an appropriate Mail Merge template.

Within the More Options button you will find options such as High Importance, Delivery/Read Receipts and Show From fields.


Moving on down the window we have buttons to include Signatures, attach files and include additional Merge Fields not included within the Template.  Beneath these we have the To, CC and BCC fields, as well as the Subject line.

Finally, we have the email body, which includes comprehensive layout and font tools.

SMS vs. Email

When contacting via SMS, the interface is simplified due to the nature of SMS messages.

Templates are still available, as is the ability to insert additional Merge Fields.

You can specify what reply options are available, specify any reply text and enter the message.  As SMS does not include any text formatting, the SMS body does not include any of these features.

Additionally, you will be shown your current Credit Balance.  


Remember: 160 Characters = 1 SMS.

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