What is Talent Pooling?

When a Candidate registers on Eploy, they are automatically added to your Talent Pool.  Using the tools available within Eploy, you can interrogate the talent pool to identify Candidates already on your database who may be ideally suited to your Vacancy. 

Having identified the Talent, you can use the Contact tools within Eploy to invite them to view your Vacancy and consider applying for the role.

How to access the Talent Pool

To access the Talent Pool, you first need to work on a vacancy.  This will bring up the orange toolbar.

The Talent Pool option is displayed on the far right-hand side of the window.


The Talent Pool is broken down in to 4 tabs:

  • All - This lists all candidates
  • Not Reviewed – This lists all candidates which haven’t been reviewed
  • Not Suitable – This lists all candidates that you have marked as not suitable for the Vacancy
  • Long Listed – This lists all candidates which have been added to the Long List for the Vacancy

How do I interrogate the Talent Pool?

There are several tools available to interrogate the Talent Pool and identify suitable talent:

Skill Match

The Skill Match column within the grid view of the Talent Pool will tell you quickly, as a percentage, how many of the skills identified within your Vacancy each Candidate has. 

The grid can be sorted by this column, putting those Candidates with the greatest Skill Match percentage to the top of the list.


Quick Match

The Quick Match tool uses the information contained within your Vacancy to filter the Candidate database and quickly identify those Candidates which closely or exactly match the requirements of your Vacancy


Query Builder

The Query Builder is the most comprehensive filtering tool available within Eploy.  Using the Query Builder, you can filter your Candidate Database by any field held within the Candidate Record.

This allows you to expand your search beyond the confines of the fields within your Vacancy.


Then what?

Having identified potentially suitable Candidates you can use the Process menu to move them to the Long-List, an application stage or mark them as not suitable for this vacancy.

Alternatively, you can click on the Candidate name to open the Application Dialogue, review their details and decide which stage to move them to.



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