The quickest way to access your workflow is from Live Vacancies on the Eploy menu. This list will allow you instant access to all workflows, as well as the pipeline view for all of your live roles.


From here, you can choose to work on each job individually by clicking the job title.  To view all jobs within your workflow, click the workflow title. Selecting the entire workflow will show you every applicant at every stage of your process, meaning you can review applications for multiple roles, keep track of all your interviews and reject the unsuitable candidates all in one place.

Alternatively, you can you work on a specific role from the vacancy summary, by selecting Work on this Vacancy. This will then give you access to the Pipeline, Tabs View and Talent Pool. 


Hint – You can even work on a vacancy a third way, making the most of your History on the Eploy menu. Eploy will track the records that you click on and store the 10 most recent records within your history, meaning you can use the sub menu to quickly access your pipeline, tab or talent pool workflows from here. 


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