Vacancy requisition from hiring managers is a great thing; the people who have roles to fill are able to tell you exactly what they need, be it based on a template, a previous role or even a brand new position. However, once the vacancy has been raised, how do you get that to Finance to approve, to HR to sign off and then back to the Recruitment Team to put live? !break! Eploy’s Authorisation Workflows allow you to create your own processes, sending the right roles to the right department, before bringing them back to the recruitment team to start doing what they do best. You also now have the flexibility for multiple workflows for different roles, salary ranges and position types; as well as full visibility throughout. !break! With Placement Authorisation, you can even manage your offers and new starters in the same way, ensuring the salaries, start dates and the fine print all get rubber stamped by the required people in your organisation. !break!