Creating Authorisation Workflows will help you to take control of and maintain your requisition process, pushing information to the right people and giving them the tools to approve, decline and even edit on the way to publishing new roles and offers.

However, you need to be cautious when you create workflows or make changes, as they will be live instantly. By ensuring you have a full understanding of the process and the way that workflow will work, you can help avoid any issues for your hiring & approval teams.

If you follow these steps, your new workflows will be ready to use:

  • Create the workflow within Admin – Authorisation Workflows on the Eploymenu.
  • Enter the details of the overall workflow, including the filter. The filter determines which vacancies / offers are subject to this workflow.
  • Create the stages of the process, before adding in the transitions. The transitions are how / where the process moves from one stage to the next.
  • Within each stage, determine who the authoriser for that part of the process. This can include core system users or hiring managers based on their position type.
  • Once the transitions are complete, ensure the workflow is active to make it live / available to hiring managers.
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