About This Phase

During the sales process, we completed a Scoping Document which told us which parts of the system you wanted to use.

As we get ready to start building your system with you and members of the team, we’d now like you to tell us how you’d like each of these features to behave. 

As the needs of each customer are unique, we don’t want to make any assumptions about how you’ll be using the system. So, we need you to fill in a series of Specification Documents to tell us things like the structure of your organisation, the questions you want included on your forms, who your Recruitment and HR users will be and who your Hiring Managers are, etc.

By the end of this phase of your project you will:

  • Have provided your completed and signed off system build specification documents
  • Have attended/watched our Getting Started with Eploy training session
  • Be ready to proceed to the next stage of your project (Phase 2 – Eploy Build/Customer Configuration Preparation)

It’s important to remember that you need to provide your ‘to be’ processes and not your current ‘as is’ processes. Your ‘as is’ process is the process you’re currently using within your existing team.  Your ‘to be’ process will be the end result of your implementation of Eploy.  Try to think about all the features you really liked during the sales process and demos and make sure you include them in your ‘to be’ process.

At the end of this phase, we will ask you to complete and sign a ‘Customer Readiness Requirements Sign Off’ document which will act as the formal submission of your system specification.


There’s a lot you need to know about how Eploy works, and you’ll learn a lot of it throughout each phase of your Implementation.  To get you started properly, and to remind you of all the features and functionality within the system, we encourage you to attend our Getting Started with Eploy training session. This is a 5 hour webinar delivered by our training team; Eploy Academy, which will take you through all the basics of how to use a typical implementation of Eploy.

Click here to learn more about the Getting Started with Eploy webinar, and view the schedule.

Specification Documents

These are the specification documents that we require from you during this phase. To learn more about each of these documents you can click on each of the bullet points (each one opens in a new tab):

Each of these specification documents will contain a ‘Brief’ section of what the document is set out to achieve and a ‘Things To Consider’ section with some helpful hints and tips.

As always, your Implementation Manager is on hand for any questions and guidance that you need.

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