Knowing who the right person to speak to in a given situation is key to ensuring that your project goes smoothly.

You'll already have been introduced to your Eploy Implementation Manager, and you'll meet more of our team (such as our Training and Customer Success Managers, and eventually your Account Manager) as you progress through your Implementation.

Now it's your turn to let us know who, from your side, will be working on the project and what responsibilities they have.

To do this, you'll need the Project Roles & Responsibilities excel document, which you'll be able to find in the Files section of your Teamwork project.

We need to know the following:

  • Project Lead (Main Contact) - This is the main lead or sponsor, from your side, for the project.
  • Project Manager - Who will be managing the project day-to-day?  If you have a dedicated Project Manager, please provide their details.  Often, though, the Project Manager and the Project Lead are the same person.  If this is the case for you, please provide their details against both roles.
  • Escalations (other than Project Lead & Project Manager) - Who should we contact if we need to escalate issues outside of the project?  Ideally this would be someone different, typically more senior, to the Project Lead or Project Manager.  For example, if the Project Lead is the Recruitment Manager, the escalation point could be your Head of HR.
  • Other Project Stakeholders - Is there anyone else who has a vested interest in the outcome of the project?  For example, if you're having different processes for different parts of the business, do you have representation from those business areas, such as a Retail Director?
  • Recruitment Team Stakeholders - Who are the key stakeholders from a purely Recruitment perspective?  In some organisations this would be the same as the Project Lead, but in other (typically larger) organisations you might have several Recruitment Team Leaders who need to be involved in the planning stages of the project.
  • Onboarding Team Stakeholders - We often see different teams managing different stages of the Recruitment process, with Onboarding being the most common stage to be managed outside of the central Recruitment Team.  If this is the case for you, please let us know who the stakeholders are from the Onboarding team.  If you want to include stakeholders from your wider HR Team, you can include them here too.
  • Website / Marketing Lead (Brand owner) - Brand identity is vitally important to most, if not all, organisations.  As such, we want to ensure that whatever design work we undertake for you matches you brand guidelines as closely as possible.  To aid with this, please let us know who we need to speak to if we have any brand related questions or have issues with media provided to use on your website.
  • Other Brand Stakeholders - You'll already have let us know who is in overall charge of your branding (above), but there might be other team members who are responsible for other topics which might be brand related, such as email content.  For example, within Eploy we have our Marketing Director who owns the overall brand, but we also have our Marketing Manager who is responsible for all communications.  If this is the case for you, please let us know here who they are and what their remit is from a brand perspective.
  • IT / Integrations Lead - Who should we contact with any IT related questions or issues?  Configuring Eploy is more involved than simply setting up a few templates and pressing the GO button.  There are several IT considerations that need to be met including things like website domain names, email authentication, single sign-on settings and, in the case of Integrations, a whole host of HR and Payroll system questions.
  • Other IT / Integrations Stakeholders (incl. Payroll if required) - Depending on your organisation and the complexity of your Eploy system, you might not need to provide other IT contacts, as the IT Lead is sufficient.  If that's the case, simply put N/A against this role.  However, if you're having Integrations or have specialist teams who look after the various IT aspects involved in implementing Eploy, we'll need their contact details as well.  If you are having an Integration, make sure you let us know who we need to speak to from the supplier we will be integrating with e.g. your HR Management System Account Manager or Technical Contact.
  • Accounts/ Billing Contact - Going forward, who should we contact form your Accounts team from an Invoicing and Payment perspective?

For each, please provide their Name, Job Title, Email Address and Telephone Number.  If there are several people for each category, please add extra rows as required.

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