When your Hiring Managers are ready to offer the job to a successful Candidate, they'll need to complete the Create Offer form, which both creates and fills in the relevant fields within the Placement record.

To ensure the system is capturing the correct information from your Hiring Managers, we need you to fill in the Offer Details specification document, which can be found in the Files tab within your Teamwork project.

As with many of our other specification documents, we have listed some of the most commonly requested fields:

  • Create Offer - this is a heading field
  • Please confirm the details of the candidate offer below - this is a heading field
  • Offer Details - this is a heading field
  • Target Start Date - this is where your Hiring Managers can enter the date they'd like the candidate to start work
  • End Date (if applicable) - this field is usually optional and typically only applies to Fixed Term Contract roles
  • Interval - what is the pay interval for this offer, e.g. Hourly, Daily or Yearly?
  • Salary (£) - bearing in mind the interval selected, what is the pay rate for this role?
  • Hours Per Week - how many hours per week will the candidate be working?

For each of these fields we'd like you to specify the following:

  • Do you want your Hiring Managers to see this field?
  • If they can see it, should they be able to edit the content?
  • If they can edit the content, should it be mandatory for them to fill it in if blank?
  • Do you want to rename this field?  If so, what would you like to call it?
  • If the field is a dropdown list, what options would you like included in the list?

Note if you are using the Pay Salaries feature (aka Salary Banding/Grading) within your Eploy System, in addition to being able to potentially set the Salary, Interval and Hours per Week on the offer, your Hiring Managers will also be able to select the Salary Band (aka Spine Point) when making the offer.  The Hiring Managers ability to edit the salary offered is set when raising the Vacancy.  If you have specified when raising the vacancy that the Hiring Manager is not able to edit the salary offered, the Interval/Salary/Hours per Week fields will be automatically set to read-only.  If you'd like to learn more about the Pay Salaries feature, please see this article.

As with other areas of Eploy, the fields contained within the Create Offer form can be added to.  If you'd like to add extra fields, please use the space at the bottom of this specification document to capture them, making sure you answer all the above questions for each one as well.

When deciding whether to add extra fields, you'll want to think about:

  • Whether you need to add any extra information on to the Placement so it can be merged in to either the Onboarding pages, Offer Letter & Contract, or whether it should be included in any exports
  • Do you need to add extra fields to help with compliance checks, such as recording the date of DBS checks or the type of Right to Work documents provided
  • Should these fields be displayed within the Create Offer form in the Hiring Manager Portal?  If so, should they be Read-Only or Editable and should they be Mandatory or not?
  • Is there any other information captured on the Vacancy which will be useful for the Hiring Manager to have visibility of within the Create Offer form?  If so, you can capture these on the specification document as well, but make sure to mention that you want to use the existing field from the Vacancy, rather than adding a new field in to the Placement

Tip - if you're not sure what the Field Types are, please take a look at this article to learn about them.

Note as a default the Salary, Interval and Hours Per Week values from the Vacancy will be displayed within the Create Offer form, in a Read Only format - this is done to remind the Hiring Manager of what was approved when the Vacancy was first raised.

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