When you access the Consent module, the first things you'll see is the Consent Dashboard. This will break down the current state of your candidate / contact data, allowing you to see exactly how many are currently included, excluded and expired.

The dashboard includes 6 widgets:

  • Included - This figure is the number of records which are subject to the consent module and have provided their consent for you to store their data. All records shown here will have opted in to your retention period.
  • Excluded - Based on any exclusion criteria specified below the dashboard, this number shows all of those who do not need to provide consent and will be unable to automatically withdraw their data. 


  • Expiring - Once a record reaches your auto reject period (which is the final stage of the retention period), they will move from Included into Expiring. Upon reaching this stage they will be contacted automatically and invited to re-consent.
  • Consent Expired - At the end of the rejection period, candidates who have withdrawn or have chosen to ignore the emails / reminders will be moved into Consent Expired.

Hint - If you aren't automatically anonymising or deleting records, you can use this widget to manage your expired candidates. By clicking through from this dashboard, you can review those that have expired and choose to anonymise or delete. Alternatively, you can chose to automatically process these candidates by contacting Eploy Success, who can help set this up for you.

  • Sent for Anonymisation / Delete - These final options show you the number of records which have been sent to be anonymised or deleted. The anonymisation and deletion process occurs on a specific day each month (which you can specify), so the records should be anonymised or deleted within 30 days.

These widgets give you an overview of how the consent module is functioning currently, and each allow you to navigate into the system and query the data.

Widget Inspiration

Rather than clicking into the consent module, did you know that you can create these with classic dashboard widgets? You can either chose to group by the candidate status or filtering for specific statuses within the metric.


Below is an example metric for Expired Candidates, so give this a try to help you manage your data, directly from the dashboard:

  • Record Type: Candidates
  • Date Field: Candidate - Personal - Data Consent Expiry
  • Aggregate Type: Count 
  • User Field: Candidate - Personal - Creator
  • Permission: Candidate Summary
  • Filter: Candidate - History - Status has Consent - Expired
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