When sending mail merges through Eploy, emails can be sent to thousands of candidates. Keeping track of these emails and who is reading them could be a difficult task – However, you can now track your emails through Eploy to show the exact time the email was opened and even when it has been clicked into. Email tracking is particularly useful for mass mail outs, monitoring who is reading newsletters etc. but could also be used in Interview Invites and Job offer letters: this will give you peace of mind that the candidates have received your emails, even if they don’t respond.


Email Tracking is an additional product that is available as part of your core Eploy package, however it needs to be activated before it is available to you. Please contact Eploy Support ( to activate the Email Tracking features and any further information that you may require.

Inserting the Merge Fields

Once the Email Tracking features have been activated in your system, two additional merge fields will be available: Email Tracker and Track Link Click. These can be inserted into the text editor in the same way as any other merge field, using the drop down list and the + button. This is available when creating templates, sending mail merges and can even be included in your signature.


Using the Email Tracker

The Email Tracker merge field can be added by using the + to insert the tracker to your template/text editor. The merge field will appear in the text editor as a normal merge field – Even though it appears black here (and in the preview) the actual field will be invisible when the mail out is sent. The recipient will not be able to see the email tracker, but they will be asked to download the pictures to view the email correctly.

Once the images have been downloaded, the email tracker will flag up and be stored within the candidate record.

Using the Track Link Click

Like the Email Tracker, The Track Link Click is available as a merge field. However, this merge field is not invisible, but actually will appear as a hyper link within the template. Once inserted, the hyper link will appear as ‘Click Here’.

  • To insert your own hyper link, highlight the ‘click here’ and then select the hyperlink option


  • This will open the properties box.
  • In the URL field, you will see the eploy tracking code -
  • At the end of the code, type the address of the site you wish to link to –
  • Once you have inserted your site, the URL field should look like this -
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • Now, you can change ‘click here’ to something more relevant. The safest way to ensure that the coding is not deleted is to click between Click and Here, type what you wish to appear before removing the words Click and Here.


  • To check that the tracking function has not been removed, you can click back into the hyperlink option and ensure the code still remains.

Viewing the Correspondance Record

By selecting View – Correspondence from the Eploy menu, you can then filter for the correspondences sent. If the correspondence has been sent to multiple records (more than 50 records) then it will be displayed as one email, with multiple recipients. 

The correspondence record is also recorded within the candidate record. You can click in to the candidate and then select the correspondence record from the activity section. Once you have clicked into the correspondence record, the Date Opened field refers to the Email Tracker, whilst the Date Clicked refers to when the Track Link Click has been clicked.

If the correspondence has been sent to mulitple records (more than 50 recipients), the information is displayed differently; the information will be displayed within the relationship section of the correspondence record, detailing how many of the candidates have opened and clicked.

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