Viewing all SMS Correspondence Sent

  • Click on View within the Main Menu and click on the Correspondence

  • On the Correspondence page Click on the Filter button.
  • Within the Filter Pop-up window select the Merge Type as SMS Merge

Note: If the new window does not open, please check your pop-up blocker Managing your Pop-Up Blocker

  • Then press Enter on the keyboard or Click the Apply button at the bottom of the page

The returned results will be all SMS messages sent. The records will display date sent, the correspondence type and the user who sent the SMS, the company, contact, vacancy and the candidate the SMS was distributed to. You can apply additional filters such as by vacancy, by candidate or by date sent.

Checking your SMS Credit Balance

A user can check the balance of SMS credit that remains on the account when sending an SMS

  • Click on Mail Merge
  • Select a Merge to SMS
  • Within the SMS Details a user will see Credit Remaining and the balance against it
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