Once you have selected the recipients of the SMS message and then clicked on Merge to SMS button – you will be taken to the SMS Merge page.

The summary at the top of the page outlines the remaining SMS Credit on your account and the number of candidates that have been selected to text.

You can choose where the replies are sent:

  • Send replies to my inbox: - Select this option to have SMS replies sent to a specified email address (This is the address you specify in the Email Address (For Replies): field).
  • Send replies to the number below: - Select this option to have replies sent to the mobile number specified in the From Number: field.
  • Send as text (11 Characters max): - Select this option to display the text specified in the From Text field. NOTE:  If you use this option, the recipient will be unable to reply to your message

Merge Fields - You can insert merge fields to merge dynamic information from each individual candidate record. Select the required merge field, and then position the Cursor within the message body where you want that information to be displayed, and then click on the Button to the right of the Insert Merge Fields drop down list.

To utilise the merge fields related to a specific Vacancy – Select the vacancy from the Vacancy record picker, and then insert the merge fields within the message body.

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