Eploy will send emails to your users and candidates as part of several different processes. Some examples of this are:

  • Sending emails to candidates to acknowledge registration and application or to confirm an interview.
  • Sending emails to authorisers to ask to approve a vacancy or a placement.
  • Sending emails to core system users e.g. advising your HR team there is a candidate’s placement ready to generate a contract for.

In order to send these emails, Eploy needs to be configured to your chosen method, of which there are four:

Option 1 (A&B)           Amazon AWS (London & Ireland)

Option 2                     SMTP Relay

Option 3                     Amazon AWS (Reply To) - Basic

Option 4                     Amazon AWS (Reply To) - Advanced

Spoofing is where we send emails from Eploy as if they have been sent from your own email address as if using Outlook or Gmail.

Note: For existing Eploy customers who use the IIS SMTP Server Method please refer to the information here.

Overview of Email Methods

During the setup of your system, your Implementation Manager will setup Option 3 - Amazon AWS (Reply To) – Basic method mentioned above. Further details on this (and other) methods are below. We use this method during the setup of your system to enable your Implementation Manager to fully test all the functionality before you have to setup your chosen method.

During the Customer Configuration phase of your project, you can change this setup to your preferred method.

Later is in this guide we provide the technical capabilities for each option along with details of the input required from a technical aspect. To help give an overview, here is a summary of the key points for each option:




Option 1 (A & B)

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4


Amazon AWS


SMTP Relay


Amazon AWS (Reply To) – Basic

Amazon AWS (Reply To) - Advanced

Use case

Customer can ADD DNS text entries including a new SPF

Customer unable to add SPF and/or let Eploy spoof and does not want to use Eploy email address

Customer unable to add SPF and/or let Eploy spoof and happy to use Eploy email address

Customer unable to add SPF and/or let Eploy spoof but is happy to use alternative domain

Sending Domain


Email Replies Sent To

Setup Complexity (Customers IT)





User/Candidate Experience






Best User/Candidate experience and best practice security features.

Best User/Candidate experience and uses customers existing security features.

Gets around strict email/IT policies. No setup is required, and DKIM/SPF are already in place from Eploy.

Gets around strict email/IT policies and allows for candidates to receive emails from a more familiar email address.


* In this example we have assumed that you have strict policies surrounding the use of your main corporate domain and email accounts. In this scenario, many companies have the option of setting up a generic domain that protects the brand but falls outside of these policies. It may be that this domain already exists for the use of a dedicated Careers Site and it is simply the case that email services can be setup for that domain. Because the reply goes back to the original sender, no actual mailboxes are needed.

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