Eploy sites on the Connect platform generally do not make extensive use of cookies as they use the database to store most user information required. There are, however, some details that need to be stored in a cookie. This document lists the cookies used, and describes their purpose.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are only used whilst the user is logged in to the website. Eploy uses one session cookie containing a unique session ID, keeping the user logged in to the system if they close the browser and re-open it. The name of the cookie is ASP.NET_SessionId. This does not store any personal or identifying data.

Permanent Cookies

Permanent cookies are stored as files on the user’s computer for a limited time, allowing the site to retrieve information for subsequent sessions. By default, these cookies will expire after one year.

Eploy uses six permanent cookies, which are described below:


Personal or identifying data: None

Used for multi lingual sites to store the user’s culture and set formatting of currency, dates etc.


Personal or identifying data: None

Used to store the user's time zone so dates and times are translated to their location.


Personal or identifying data: None

Stores whether or not the user has ticked "Remember Me" on login.


Personal or identifying data: User's email address only

Remembers the user's email address when they have ticked "Remember Me" on login.


Personal or identifying data: None

Used when the website has more than one mode (e.g. sites with Graduate Schemes).


Personal or identifying data: None

Stores the result of user acknowledging they have read the cookie directive (so that it does not show again).

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