Once you have EployMail enabled for your user account, the interface can be accessed via the envelope icon, next to the search box within the EployMenu bar.

The EployMail interface will open in a separate tab on your browser. Your Eploy system will still be available on the previous tab, so you can keep both open at the same time.


Emails can be navigated in the same way you can with most popular email applications. The figure below identifies the four main section of the EployMail tool:

Emails are listed in the Email Listing section. This shows basic information about each email in the current folder, including the sender’s name, email subject, date/time sent, plus any Eploy record they are linked to (see Linking Records section).

If you select an email within the email listing, its content will appear in the Email Preview Pane. You can also double click the email to open it up in a separate window.

The Folder Pane lets you navigate for emails within any of the folders in your mailbox. Favourite folders will be listed in the top ‘Favourites’ sub-section, and the full folder listing appears in the ‘Mail Folders’ sub-section. You can also open up the ‘Search Folders’ and ‘Import Tool’ sub-sections to use these functions (click  to open a sub-section).

The toolbar contains various functions to navigate your emails or perform actions. These functions will be explained throughout this document.

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