When analysing your database, it can be important to differentiate between candidates who have been supplied by vendors (vendor candidates), candidates who have previously worked for the company (previous employees) and those who currently work for the company (internal applicants). Tracking the different sources of candidates can inform your recruitment advertising budget and give you an insight into your most successful channels.

With the recent Eploy upgrade, it is now even easier to distinguish between these types of candidates.

Vendor Candidates

Any candidates that been submitted through your Vendor Portal will already be set as a vendor candidate. However you can also set this manually using the Vendor Relationship setting.

The first step is to find the candidate record. To do this, you can search for the candidate using the search option on the Eploymenu:


This search box has a built in wildcard feature, which means you can search for partial names, ID numbers, email addresses or even partial telephone numbers. Once you have found the candidate, click into the record and switch to the Personal tab.


Within the Relationships section click into the Vendors dropdown list to select the Vendor that submitted the candidate.

Note – If the Vendor does not currently exist on your system, see this guide for creating new vendor users.

Clicking Add will then assign that Vendor to the candidate.


Once you have selected the appropriate Vendor, save the record – this will then show the A (Agency) icon within the candidate’s status bar.


The icon will also appear next to the candidate’s name when reviewing lists of candidate records, in both the Simple View:


Along with the Detailed View:


Internal Candidates

Hiring internal candidates dramatically reduces cost of hire and time to hire- two key recruitment metrics. Tracking internal candidates in your Eploy system means you can check that you are successfully marketing your roles to internal candidates, as well as external candidates.  

Internal candidates will now also receive a flag, when they have been marked as currently working for your company. This will be automatically tracked when an applicant comes through an internal portal, or if the candidate specifies that they are an internal candidate as part of your online registration process.

However, you can also manually flag candidates as internal. To do this, click into the History tab of the candidate record:


Within the Other Information section, change Do you currently work for us? to Yes. The candidate will then display the I (Internal) icon.


Note – this question needs to be part of your online application process if you want to track this automatically. If this is not the case and you would like to use this feature, please contact Eploy Support.

Once saved, the I icon will appear within the candidate status bar, as well as the Simple / Detailed Views.


Previous Employees

It’s never good news when a skilled and valued employee leaves your business, but it can be a real bonus if that person is willing to return in a new capacity.

For this reason, previous employees can also be flagged in the same way as Vendor & Internal Candidates. Whilst this is done automatically if the question is part of your registration & application process, you can also flag this manually. To set a candidate as a previous employee, you need to navigate to the history tab of the candidate:


Within the Other Information section, change Have you previously worked for us? to Yes. This will trigger the P (Previous Employee) icon to appear.


Once saved, the P icon will appear on the candidate status bar, the Simple View & the Detailed View of global list.



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