Before we talk about Phase 5, let’s quickly look back at everything you've achieved over the last few weeks and months...

  • You've spent time (no doubt a lot of it!) looking at a long list of suppliers, sat through countless demos and ultimately decided that Eploy was the right fit for your organisation (and I have to admit, I think that's a very wise decision!)
  • Having made us your preferred supplier, you've sat down with us and scoped out the system - you told us exactly which features you wanted in the system and how you wanted each to behave
  • You've filled in several additional specification documents to dive in to the detail of each feature so we can flesh the system out and configure it for your needs
  • You’ve planned for all the configuration changes needed, which you are able to complete and modify as time goes on, to fully personalise the system and put your corporate stamp on everything
  • You've learnt how to make those changes....and done them!
  • Finally, having made all those changes, you've fully tested the system, rectified any issues you ran in to, and now you're confident that the system is going to do exactly what you need it to

Let's be honest - that's a lot of work.

Now it’s time to put all of that blood, sweat and tears into action – it’s time for LAUNCH! (Cue the fireworks, fanfares and get the bubbly on ice!)

This is the final phase of your implementation, Phase 5; and even though you’ve fully signed off your system and you’re chomping at the bit to get started, there are still some things to take care of before your time in Implementation comes to an end:

  • Attend Standard User Training - this is your go-live training, delivered by Eploy Academy.  We'll spend, usually, two days taking your Recruitment Team through your full end-to-end process and teach them everything they need to know about how to use Eploy in an every-day setting. You might already know a lot about how to use the system having gone through Implementation, but I guarantee there will be things we show you in these two days that you didn't know about. Your Implementation Manager will schedule this training with you, and it will usually take place a couple of days after you've formally signed off your system.
  • Once your team have had their Standard User Training, they'll be in a position to start adding your Live Vacancies to the system.  You might have some existing Vacancies you'd like to transfer over to Eploy, or you might keep them live on an old system and only use Eploy for all new Vacancies.  However you choose to do it, you'll want to make sure you've planned the activities surrounding adding these Vacancies to your system.  If you're moving live vacancies from another system to Eploy, in addition to the vacancies themselves, you'll want to think about any Candidates who need to be transferred over as well
  • Once you're all set up with your new and existing Vacancies in place, you'll need to formally switch on your new Indeed and Google Jobs feeds.  If you need any help with this, please let your Implementation Manager know
  • The final step is a bit obvious....but now it's time to formally launch your system internally and externally, not forgetting any communication and Hiring Manager Training exercises which need to take place

And that’s it. Your system is now fully launched – time for a well-earned rest.

From an implementation perspective, you’ve now moved into the part of Phase 5 which we call Hypercare, and there’s only a few things left to before your project is officially closed and you’re handed over to BAU support:

  • About 3 weeks after go-live (i.e. the beginning of Phase 5), you’ll have your Floorwalking session. This will be hosted by your Implementation Manager and a member of our Customer Success Team. During this session we can help iron out any go-live creases and snags, and it gives you the chance to introduce yourselves to the Success Team, who will take care of your day-to-day support requirements going forward.
  • After Floorwalking, a handover meeting will take place between your Implementation Manager, Customer Success and the Account Management team. During this meeting your dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to you and your Implementation Manager will let them know everything they need to know about the project and the configuration of your system.
  • After this meeting, your Account Manager will make formal contact with you to introduce themselves, and at this point your Implementation project will formally come to an end
  • You will also receive a feedback form to ask how you found the implementation process as part of our effort to continuously improve our processes.
  • While all of this is taking place, you'll be invited to attend our Introduction to Dashboards and Reports webinar, where you'll be shown how to build the most commonly requested dashboards and run a series of typical reports.  For more information on this webinar, and to see the list of available dates and registration links, please see this article.

As always, your Implementation Manager will be on hand throughout this phase to help out with any questions you may have, and to offer guidance and support.

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