EployMail is an Eploy specific emailing tool and email indexing system. It provides core system users with the following functionality:

  1. All emails in and out of the email account are logged in Eploy against the relevant record i.e. contact or candidate.
  2. Users have access to an Email WebApp like Gmail or that allows them to perform standard tasks such as read/reply and flag. It also allows them to filter for emails based on record type i.e. candidate or contact and can use Eploy as an address book when composing emails.
  3. Users can quickly save email attachments against records within the Eploy system without having to download them and upload them manually.
  4. Users can drag emails with CV’s onto live jobs to speed up use of the CV Import tool.

EployMail works by utilising the IMAP protocol. If using Exchange or Gmail (or similar) you will need to make sure IMAP is enabled so that our server can access the mail account. You may also need to whitelist our servers IP address. We also need to be provided with a list of email accounts and settings. We don’t ask for the password as the user can enter that the first time, they use the EployMail WebApp.

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