Sometimes all you want to do is log in, but for some reason, you just can't access the system.

To help in these situations, we have put together this troubleshooting guide to help get you back online and into the database. We wont even suggest you aren't entering your password correctly...

  • Check Usernames - When you can't access the system, its normal to think you have miss-typed the password, especially given that it is encrypted. However, one of the most common causes for log in failures is using the wrong username. We recommend that users are set up with their email address as their username - it tends to be industry norm, especially for online applications. Please check your username with your admin users and if it isn't your email address, see if you can get it changed to something more memorable.  If your username has been sent to you via email, try typing it in manually, rather than copying and pasting - you might accidentally include a blank space at the beginning or end of your username, which is a valid character in our username field, but which might not have been included in your username.  You might also want to check that your system administrator hasn't accidentally included a blank space as well!

  • Use Forgotten Password - You might think you are entering the correct password, but if you still cant log in, you can use the forgotten password function to reset it. Click the link, enter your email address and wait for the email with reset instructions. You can then choose a password that you'll be certain to remember.


Hint - Although it should arrive straight away, the email might take up to 10 minutes to be delivered, and make sure you are checking junk and spam folders for it, especially if you don't often receive emails directly from the system.

  • User Permissions - Have you been able to log in using these details before? If not, it may suggest your admin user has forgotten to give you any permissions when they set up your profile. This means that the log in details are correct, but you don't have permission to log in. Speak to your admin users and make sure they have set up your general permissions - you can learn more about user permissions in this guide. 

  • Restricted Access Dates / IP Addresses - Your user profile may be set up to only allow you to log in from certain IP addresses, on certain days, during certain hours. If you are trying to log in from a different location to normal, this is likely the case. Your admin users can check this for you and if you do have restrictions, let you know why they have chosen to put these in place.
  • Check URL / Correct Portal - Depending on which areas of the system you have access to, you may have several URLs for your Eploy system. These can include Hiring Manager, Candidate or Vendor portals, as well as the core system, so make sure you have the URL of the core system if you are a Standard User.
  • Has your user been set up or deactivated? - If this is the first time you've tried to log in, it may be that your user hasn't actually been created yet, this is especially likely if you're using Single Sign On to access the system.  Alternatively, if it's been some time since you last accessed the system, it may be that your user has been deactivated.  Your system administrator will be able to double check on the status of your account for you.
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