If your company structure changes, or you start using a new supplier, you may need to create new Company records within Eploy.

There are a number of ways you can create a company record, with the quickest being Create > Company from the blue Eploymenu.


You can now enter the details of the company record:

  • Set the Parent Company so that this record sits in the right place of the structure. Remember, the structure will impact on reporting, as well as the vacancies that any hiring managers have access to.
  • Company Name is how you will search and report on this specific company / department.
  • The Location, Function and Company Type drop-downs will help you to organise and categorise your companies, making it easier to search and manage your records.
  • Provide a full Address for the company as any vacancies advertised will default to this address - saving you adding addresses for each role individually!


Hint - As part of the same form, you will also be able to add a Contact to the company. This helps to save time, meaning you don't need to create a contact as a separate process.

Clicking Save will create and confirm the record, which can then be searched for, reported on and recruited against as required.

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