Providing a good candidate experience is an important factor in attracting the right level of talent. If a candidate can’t remember their password to log in to your candidate portal, it can negatively affect their experience and ultimately result in them failing to complete their application.

Whilst there is a forgotten password link available on your Candidate Portal, it is now even easier to support your candidates by manually resetting their password for them. The personal interaction in this instance can help improve candidate experience, especially if the candidate is struggling to change their password themselves. 

Update Password

To change a candidate’s password, simply click into the Personal tab of the candidate record. Within Personal Details, there is now the option to Update, as well as a checkbox for Must Change Password on Next Login.


When you click Update, you can either generate a new random password for the candidate or enter / confirm the password in the fields provided. As soon as you click Save, the candidate’s password will be updated and they will be able to use the new details to access the portal.


Note – The username to access the portal will be the candidate’s email address that is stored within the record. It is worth confirming this with the candidates if they continue to have issues logging into the portal.

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