As part of Eploy Discover, our Application Screening and Feedback & Assessment Screening Forms give you complete control over your workflow and screening processes, helping to highlight those exceptional candidates and eliminate those who don’t quite fit the bill. !break! Using a combination of custom questions, automatic scoring and statistical analysis, this new feature will improve the way that you tailor your recruitment process for individual roles, screen & pre-screen candidates, and highlight key requirements for your roles. !break! There are two main options, as part of Eploy Discover; <b>Application Screening Forms</b> and <b>Feedback & Assessment Forms</b>!break! - Application Screening Forms allow you to create your own questions and add them to your current online application process – meaning you are asking all the right questions for the right roles. These forms are completed by candidates when they apply for a role, scored based on your scale and graded accordingly. This gives you a huge head start when it comes to managing your application responses. !break! - Feedback & Assessment Forms are designed for use post application or if you do not have an Eploy powered Candidate Portal. They offer some additional flexibility in <i>how</i> the forms are completed. For example, once you have outlined your questions, you can use Feedback and Assessment Forms as a telephone script and record a candidate's verbal answers yourself. You also have the option to email a link to the form directly to the candidate for them to fill out online. !break! Feedback & Assessment Forms can then tie into specific vacancies, be used independently to obtain feedback on recent experiences or collect further information. Even when forms are not linked to specific vacancies, you still benefit from all the reports, allowing you to analyse & react to your candidate’s requirements. !break!