As well as allowing for Teams within Eploy, you will also need to grant an Application Access Policy on behalf of your users within Microsoft Powershell to allow for the integration. 

Application Access Policy

To begin, open Microsoft Powershell and run the following commands:

  • Import-Module MicrosoftTeams
  • Connect-MicrosoftTeams


From there, you will need to log into Microsoft with an Admin account, so please ensure you are authorised to do so. If the log in is successful, the following account info will be displayed:


The next step would be to create the application access policy, with the following information:

  • Identity - This is your name of choice for the policy so you can set as appropriate.
  • AppIDs - This is the ID of the Eploy app and needs to be set to: 7d41920f-a928-45ee-b6eb-252e77a4f654
  • Description - This allows you to provide further info re the application access policy.


New-CsApplicationAccessPolicy -Identity EployTeamsPolicy -AppIds "7d41920f-a928-45ee-b6eb-252e77a4f654" -Description "Eploy Teams Policy"


The application policy can then be granted to the whole tenant or to individual users:

  • To grant to the whole tenant, run Grant-CsApplicationAccessPolicy against the PolicyName.


Grant-CsApplicationAccessPolicy -PolicyName EployTeamsPolicy -Global


  • To grant the application policy to individual users, you will need their specific User IDs. Set the identity property to the User IDs in the following command.


Grant-CsApplicationAccessPolicy -PolicyName EployTeamsPolicy -Identity "UserIdParameter"


Hint - It is recommended to use the Global setting to allow all of your users to make use of Teams. If granting access to individual users, you will need to manage this each time you have a new starter who requires access.


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