With Eploy's new Zoom & Microsoft Teams integrations, you can now sync your system with your chosen video conferencing platform & create meetings all whilst working within Eploy.

Note - This can be set up within Admin - Security Settings - Standard Users, so you will need to have the relevant admin user permissions to set this up.

Syncing MS Teams

Once within the security settings, scroll down to the section for Corporate Calendar Sharing before selecting Office 365 Calendar from the Provider drop down list. You can then click Link Corporate Calendar to open the approval pop-up, where you can approve access from Eploy. Simply follow the steps within Office 365 to approve.

Important - You will need to be an authorised account within Office 365 to allow for this integration. Please speak to your O365 administrator for further information.

Syncing Zoom Account

If you are looking to integrate with your zoom account, there is a section for Online Meetings, where you can click the Link Zoom Account option. This will trigger a pop-up, where you can follow the instructions available to log in, then authorise the link between Eploy & your Zoom account. You will need to be logged in as an authorised user in your Zoom account settings in order to set this up.

Hint - You can chose to remove the Zoom installation at anytime, either by unlinking the account in the same way you have set it up, or by logging into your Zoom account, navigating to your Apps & removing the one for Eploy.

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