You can connect your Eploy system with your corporate calendars (Office 365 or Google Calendar) so that events in your calendars are visible in Eploy. The integration enables syncing individual users calendars or system-wide (all users).

Details of how to setup either individually linked or all user access can be found in this article:

Restricting which users’ Exchange calendars are accessible by Eploy

Eploy never stores any calendar data and we do not cache any data – data is always retrieved ‘on the fly’. If you wish to restrict which users exchange calendars are accessible in Eploy, you can do this using a PowerShell script within your Azure/Office 365 admin.

You can create a group of users and specify if that groups calendars can/cannot be accessed. Firstly setup the calendar sharing as detailed in the help guide above and then follow the instructions below.

Here is the PowerShell script you need to do this:

To set the calendar security up:

  1. New-ApplicationAccessPolicy -AppId 7d41920f-a928-45ee-b6eb-252e77a4f654 -PolicyScopeGroupId -AccessRight RestrictAccess -Description "Restrict this app to members of the CalendarSecurity group."
    1. We’ve used “RestrictAccess” here which means you put people into a group that you want to share, we could have used DenyAccess to deny just the people in that group.
    2. 7d41920f-a928-45ee-b6eb-252e77a4f654 is the Eploy App ID that should be used.
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