What IT/Technical input is needed?

As Eploy is a cloud-based platform everything is quite straightforward, but there are some areas where we will need your assistance to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

We appreciate that every organisation is different, and it may be multiple departments are responsible for some of these areas (or indeed a third party), but as an overview, these are the main areas that will need IT/Technical input:

  • Security – Accessing Eploy:
    • Setup/guidance on IT restrictions.
    • Setup/guidance on Password settings/protocols.
  • Domains & SSL Certificates:
    • Guidance on domain choice/options.
    • Setup of subdomain/subfolder.
    • Provision of SSL certificate(s).
  • Email Authentication:
    • Steps to setup and authenticate emails sent from Eploy (e.g. SPF records, whitelisting mail server(s)).
  • Google Maps API
    • Setting up and/or providing an API Key.
  • Integrations:
    • Technical input in setup, testing and deployment of any integrations (such as Single Sign On, Exports to HR/Payroll systems or using Eploy’s API’s).

Further Technical Information

Whilst this guide is comprehensive, there may be other areas of policy/security that you would like to know more about. There is a list of the most frequently requested policies etc. in the Resources section, along with details of how to get more information.

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