Eploy has a number of security features to manager user logins. These include:

  • Option for Single Sign On (SSO) - check with your Eploy contact if this is included for your system.
  • IP Restrictions – details on this are contained in our Implementation documentation (Phase 2 Workbook – Customer Configuration), please contact your Eploy contact for further details.
  • Password settings for different user types (Candidates/Core System Users/Hiring Managers).

IP Restrictions

You may want to restrict access to the core Eploy System and Hiring Manager portals to specific IP addresses or ranges. If you are using our Hiring Manager portal for regional recruitment i.e. you have managers at shop or depot level accessing the system, then you may already have a range of IP addresses for those users.

We will assume that if you want users to be able to access from home and IP restrictions are in place then they can use an alternative solution such as your corporate VPN.

IP Restrictions for API Users

For users created to access the Eploy API, you may wish to add an IP access restriction to enhance the security access for these users.

Locked down PC’s and Compatibility

If you have locations where the PC’s are locked down in some way, you may need to make certain preparations. Will you need to whitelist our URLs to access the various portals.

You may also need to consider browser compatibility. Eploy will run on all the latest browsers and does not require any installed components. However, we know of certain things that may be locked down or blocked within corporate networks that may cause issues. Things such as Google Maps, Google Font’s and PC’s not having access to “office applications” so MS Word documents (like CV’s) can’t be downloaded and opened.

You may have a data protection policy that does not allow documents to be downloaded to certain devices. Users of the core Eploy System can access all files and would require IP restrictions to offer more security, however we can stop specific named users having access to the files tab. This removes access to other files such as “right to work” documentation but does not stop access to CV’s. Meanwhile, the Hiring Manager portal can be set to not allow users access to download files at all. As CVs are essential for the recruitment process, users of the Hiring Manger portal can make use of our “Quick View CV” which shows the basic text content of a CV with most formatting and potentially harmful macros removed. This is a browser page and so is not downloaded to the local device.

Please let us know if you have any issues like this and we can discuss appropriate solutions.

Infrastructure Testing and UAT

At the agreed point in the project plan you will need to test access from your various locations and ensure there are no speed issues or compatibility issues as highlighted above.

System Support

Eploy provide support to core Eploy System users only. Hiring Managers who require support will either call the central recruitment team (especially if it is of a system usage nature) or go via your own internal ticketing system. Candidates and Agencies on the PSL will contact your central recruitment team.

All systems are monitored as part of our SLA.

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