When viewing the Vacancies grid, Hiring Managers will be able to access any roles they have raised, as well as those they are an associated hiring manager against, or have visibility of.  Approvers will also be able to access any roles that are awaiting their authorisation.

In this article we will explore all of the filter options available.

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Vacancy Tools

Regardless of which filter I'm viewing, there will be a set of tools and functions available to me, embedded in the header of the section.

Note: These functions will be based on your system configuration.


Add Vacancy

Add Vacancy will start the requisition journey and the process for raising a new Vacancy.  I may also see Add Vacancy (Copy Previous), which allows me to copy an existing Vacancy, or even Add Vacancy from New which allows me to raise a new role from scratch; but this will depends on the configuration of my system.


The Reports button will load a list of reports available to me, which will show reports based on the data I can see within the grid. 

Note: Reports must be configured by users in the Core System before they can be shared with Hiring Managers. This gives you control over how your hiring managers run reports and means they don't need training on using report builders.  For more information on running reports as a Hiring Manager, please see this article.


The filter is used to determine which Vacancies are shown and allows me to switch between my live, all live and placed vacancies. 

Vacancy Title

Clicking the Vacancy Title will take me in to the Vacancy details, where I can review the initial requisition form and the authorisation chain. As an approver, I would click into the vacancy title to begin the process of approving the role.

Filter Options

My Active Vacancies

My Active Vacancies is the default view, giving me access to all roles I are the main contact for.

Note: although a Vacancy is Active, it may not be displayed on the Careers Site.  If your Hiring Managers are unsure as to whether the Vacancy is currently displayed, they may be able to tell by looking at the Display Properties section on the Vacancy Requisition form, or they could try searching for the Vacancy on your Careers Site.  If they still can't tell if the Vacancy is on the careers site, you'll be able to tell from within the Core System.

Delegated Active Vacancies

This filter option displays any Active Vacancies where I am designated as an Additional Hiring Manager. This means I'm not the main contact on the role, but still have access to review applicants, provide feedback from interviews and manage candidates in the recruitment workflow.

All Active Vacancies

This filter option will display all Active Vacancies that I have permission to see.  This will include any that I am the main Contact for, any that I am an Additional Hiring Manager against, plus any other roles I have access to.

My Draft Vacancies

When raising a new vacancy, I can save it as draft, meaning I can return to it later, provide the rest of the required information and trigger the approval process. This filter allows me to view and manage all my draft vacancies.

Placed Vacancies

Once all of the available positions within a Vacancy have been filled, Eploy will automatically close the Vacancy down and set it to a Placed status.

When this happens, the Vacancy will no longer appear in any of the Active filters.  Instead, I view the Vacancy within the Placed Vacancies filter.

Inactive Vacancies

This filter will display all Vacancies which are at an Inactive status type e.g. Cancelled, On Hold or No Longer Required.

Awaiting Authorisation

This filter will display all Vacancies that I am the Contact for which are awaiting Authorisation either by another Hiring Manager or a Core System User.

Awaiting My Authorisation

This filter will display all Vacancies which have come to me for Authorisation.

All Vacancies

This filter will display all Vacancies that I have the permission to view, regardless of its status. This can be really useful for reviewing old or previously placed vacancies.


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