Eploy's new multi-posting tool connects to around 1500 job boards (you'll still need posting credits with your chosen boards!). Post jobs, update and remove them all through the tool. It's priced super competitively - contact your Eploy Account Manager for details.

Please note: This tool is only available to direct employers, for agencies we have a brand new Idibu integration - contact us for details.



To join the programme, you will need to 'opt-in' to allow the automatic posting of all your publicly available jobs on Indeed. As soon as Indeed starts to display your jobs, your candidates can apply directly, including screening questions created with Eploy Discover. The candidate's data is then sent straight to your Eploy system.

You can also opt to sponsor jobs individually on Indeed; you can set a 30 day total budget for each job that you sponsor or add them to existing campaigns. To take advantage of this, you will need an Indeed billing account.



Eploy and Facebook have teamed up to make it easy for you to display your vacancies with Facebook Jobs. Plus, your candidates can apply, directly on Facebook.

Screening questions created with Eploy Discover can also be included within your Apply on Facebook Jobs application form (restrictions apply, please see datasheet for further information)


The Facebook Jobs integration is only available to direct employers and may not be used by recruitment agencies (this is a Facebook policy).


Dashboard Enhancements

Dashboard Sharing

You can now share dashboards between users and have designated dashboard owners who can make changes.


Copy widgets

You can now copy Widgets and then change the settings of the copied widget to show different filtered information or any other settings.

Download Widget Data & Charts

You can now export the underlying data behind your dashboards & widgets to an MS Excel file; you can also download charts as PNG, PDF, JPEG & GIF.


Dashboard User Filter

You can now filter an entire dashboard by users.



We've added two new metric types that support the accumulative history of their data.The Application History and Opportunity History metrics can be used to present a view of the entire progress of applications/opportunities through your workflow. 

Time to Hire & Time to Fill

We've added a new way to visualise your time to hire and time to fill metrics within Eploy Dashboards. 

Ratio Widget

Many KPIs are ratios - that's why we've introduced a new Ratio Widget, and it's excellent for creating dashboards of your key recruitment metrics, like offer acceptance rates, workflow stage conversion rates and many more. 


Workflow Widget

The new Workflow Widget can be used to give you quick access to specific stages and statuses of your recruitment process. 


Funnel Widget

The new Funnel widget is a great way to keep track of the progress of candidates/applications through your workflow processes. 

Actions Widget

We've enhanced the Actions Widget so that you can now click from an action to go straight to the new Eploy Calendar view.

Bar Chart Widget (Stacked)

The Bar Chart widget now has a 'stacked' chart view. 



We've upgraded SnapStats with new display options.

Eploy Discover enhancements

Paging and Logic-based forms

Eploy Discover can now split forms over multiple pages - you can then route candidates to specific pages of questions based on their answers to a previous question - in other words, you can now branch your forms.

Email Discover Forms

You can now email Discover forms using a merge field in the Email editor. You can include links to your Discover forms within your automated stage/status emails.

New Website Application Process

With Eploy Discover you can now fully customise your application process right down to a per-job level -and with the new branching, functionality create a customised process based on candidate responses. 


Hiring Manager Portal

We've given the Hiring Manager portal a complete overhaul. We've tidied up and re-organised the menu and given the interface a fresh new look and feel.

Hiring Manager Dashboards

Hiring managers now have dashboards which provide easy access to all their tasks, vacancies, candidates and interviews.


Hiring manager Daily Digest

The hiring manager daily digest can be enabled per workflow and will automatically email hiring managers with their outstanding tasks. 


Hiring Manager Calendar

We've added the new Calendar and Slot Selection interfaces into the Hiring Manager portal to make interview availability much easier.

Application Dialogue

The Application Dialogue is now available in the Hiring Manager portal.


Candidate Feedback forms

Hiring managers can now complete candidate feedback forms created with Eploy Discover in the hiring manager portal.

Hiring manager offer & contract document creation

We've added offer & contract document creation capabilities to the hiring manager portal.

Timesheets & Temps

We've added some productivity enhancements to the Timesheets & Temps modules to help speed up your day.

Auto-create Timesheets

Eploy now automatically creates timesheets once a candidate clicks on a date in the portal.

Multiple Linked Holiday Rates

You can now link one' holiday rate' to multiple 'main' rates.

General Enhancements

Application Dialogue - Activity filters

You can now filter the 'Activity' view in the Application Dialogue by 'My Activities', activity types and whether to show activities for the current application or all applications.


Promote your jobs socially

We've made it easy to share your vacancies across any of your social channels and via WhatsApp.

Candidate Reminder Emails

You can now set up a reminder template for candidates. Reminder templates can be associated with specific workflow stages and will be triggered when the candidate has failed to complete an action on time. 

New Advanced Filter

The new Advanced Filter offers unparalleled searching capabilities without you needing to be a Boolean search ninja! 


Salary & Rates Updater

The salary updater enables you to update salaries & rates associated with vacancies & placements in bulk.

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