This article will explore the basic steps involved in triggering the Vacancy Requisition within the Hiring Manager Portal, and sending the role for Authorisation.

Note: The steps and screenshots displayed are for illustration purposes only.  The type and number of fields you'll be required to complete will be specific to your configuration.  

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Step 1 - Select the Template

To start the Vacancy Requisition process, I click the Add Vacancy (Load Template) button at the top of the screen.


On the following screen, I select the part of the business that I'd like to create the Vacancy against.

Note: Based on my role, I maybe be able to select from different departments here.


Finally, I select the appropriate template from the list and click Continue.

Step 2 - Complete the Form

Having selected the work location/department and the template, I'm now looking at the Vacancy Requisition form. This includes fields that will help to populate the vacancy advert, as well as business justification & notes for the recruitment team.


The fields displayed on this form will be bespoke customised to my role & organisation, but as long as I complete all of the mandatory fields - highlighted by an Asterisk (*) - I can follow the form on screen and click Continue to trigger the approval process.


Step 3 - Trigger Approval & Selecting Authorisers

Based on the details provided on the requisition form, an approval process will now be assigned automatically. It may be based on the reason for recruitment, which department the role is for or even the salary / budget available.

Depending on the authorisation workflow assigned, I may need to pick the appropriate approvers for each stage of the process. I type the name of the approver in the list and select them. I'll need to repeat this for each authorisation stage before clicking First Authorisation Required. Doing so will trigger the first email in the process and ask each of the approvers to authoriser the vacancy in turn.




Hint - If the approver the Hiring Manager is looking for isn't available, or they think that this vacancy doesn't require approval, the click Cancel and save the vacancy as a draft. This will allow them to contact the recruitment team directly, before returning to the vacancy and re-submitting it, once the issue is resolved. 

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