Dashboards provide Hiring Managers with a snapshot of the activity taking place within their current Vacancies.  They can also be used to help drive Hiring Managers activity & serve as reminders to provide feedback, contact candidate or manage applicants.

You have complete control of your Hiring Manager dashboards, meaning you can create bespoke dashboards and reports to help your hiring managers.  In this article we will look at the most commonly used Widget types and how these can help your Hiring Managers stay on top of their recruitment responsibilities.

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Note: we will not be looking at how to build a Dashboard in this article, only how to use them.  To learn how to build Dashboards, please watch this video.

Dashboards and Vacancy/Application Visibility

Once set up and activated, a Dashboard will be visible to all Hiring Managers - it is not possible to share Dashboards to groups of Hiring Managers or individuals.

The information displayed to your Hiring Managers will be in line with the Security Settings of your system.  For example, a more Senior Hiring Manager would be able to see more information in their Dashboard due to the fact that they have greater visibility of Vacancies and Applications.

The key thing here is that Hiring Managers will only ever see information that they already have access to.

Vacancy Widgets

Vacancy Widgets provide up-to-date information on the current status of my Vacancies and can be grouped by vacancy title, department or any other information on the vacancy.


In this example, I can see per Vacancy Title how many Vacancies are currently live and accepting Applications.

Clicking the name of each Vacancy will take me to the Vacancy Description page.  If I have multiple Vacancies with the same Title, I will see the Vacancies listed in a table.  To view each individual Vacancy, click into each title.

Workflow Widgets

Workflow Widgets are used to show how many Applications I have that are awaiting review, broken down by Vacancy.


Here I can quickly see that there are 14 Applications at the Hiring Manager Shortlist stage for the General Manager Vacancy, awaiting my review.

To access these applications, all I have to do is click on the status.  This will take me to the Applications workflow and display each of the 14 applications.

To view each Application, simply click the candidate name or ID, which will open the application dialogue.

Note: If Name Blind settings have been applied, I will typically see the Candidate ID rather than their name.

Action (Interview) Widgets

Within Eploy, when an Interview is created it is saved as an Action.

When used, an Action widget will display all Actions of a particular type (e.g. 1st Interview, 2nd Interview, etc) for a given date range.


In this example I can quickly see that I have an interview scheduled for Joy Langley on November 25, 2019.

To view more detailed information about the Interview, click into the action & open the preview.


I can now see more detailed information about the scheduled interview.  From here I can also quickly access the Candidate's Application, by clicking the View Application button (circled above).

Switching between multiple Dashboards

If I have access to multiple Dashboards, I can access them via the My Dashboards button within the main Menu toolbar.


I click My Dashboards, then select the Dashboard I want to view from the sub-menu. If there is no submenu, it means there aren't any other dashboards available for me.

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