The Eploy Calendar behaves in a very similar way to any other online Calendar you've used in the past e.g. Google Calendar or MS Outlook.

You can filter tasks and appointments by User, Hiring Manager, Action Type and Vacancy.

In this article we will fully explore the Calendar interface and look at the options available to you in terms of creating and managing Slots and Actions.

There is a lot of detail in this article.  To jump to a specific section, please use the links below:

Accessing the Calendar

There are 2 main ways to access the calendar.

The quickest and easiest is to use the Calendar icon contained within the blue Eploy Menu bar.


You can also access the Calendar when viewing Applications either in Pipeline or Tab view.


There are a couple of other ways to view the Calendar as well:

  • When creating Slots or Actions - there will be a Calendar button next to the Start Date field
  • From within the View menu - View > Calendar

Navigating around the Calendar

There are a number of tools and filters within the calendar, to help you navigate & manage your diary:

Filtering Options

The filter menu is displayed beneath the grey tool bar. 


- Users  Use this filter to view Actions associated with specific Users.  For example, if you want to see Actions for your Vacancies only, select yourself.

- Hiring Managers  Use this filter to view Actions associated with specific Hiring Managers.

- Action Types  Use this filter to restrict the Action Types visible.  For example, if you wanted to see only First Interviews, you'd tick the First Interviews option.

- Vacancies  This filter allows you to view Actions associated with specific Vacancies.

- Search  This is a free text search box.  As you type, Eploy will automatically refresh the Actions displayed.

- Advanced Filter  This will open our Advance Filter tool, which allows you to create complex searches

View Options

You can control the calendar's appearance using the Layout option on the right hand side of the screen.


Actions can be grouped by Vacancy, User and Hiring Manager.

The buttons beneath the Grouping options control how many days are displayed:

- Day - This will show you just the actions for today, arranged vertically.

- Week - This will display the full week, starting on Monday.

- Month - This will display the full month.

- Timeline - This will show all Actions for a single day arranged horizontally.

- Agenda - Whereas other view options will display gaps in your diary, the Agenda view will only display your Actions.  Gaps in your day, or days where you have no Actions (e.g. Weekends) will not be displayed.

On the left hand side of the screen you have some navigation options:

- Today - Clicking this will take you to today.

< > These arrows will cycle the dates displayed, depending on the view mode chosen.  For example, if you are in Week view, the arrows will cycle from one week to the next.

- Calendar Icon - Clicking this icon will open a Date Picker, which you can use to select the precise day, month and year you wish to view.

Colour Coding

The colours displayed against each Action can be set by going to Admin > Drop Down Lists and selecting Action Types.  You can then set a specific colour for each of your Action Types.

Creating Slots

Slot creation and management are covered in this article.

Creating Actions

There are several ways to create Actions within Eploy.  For the most part, you'll create an Action from within an existing Record.  For example, when scheduling an Interview, you'll create it from within an Application, rather than from the Calendar.

To create an Action from within the Calendar, locate the date and time you'd like the Action to begin on and double click.  Alternatively, click New from the grey toolbar.  This will open the Create Action window.

Many of the fields displayed are optional and which ones you'll need to complete will vary depending on the type of action you're creating.  As a minimum you'll need to complete the Start Date and Time and Action Type.

Once you have completed all of the required fields, click Save.

Managing Actions

Within the Calendar you can rearrange an Action simply by dragging and dropping to the new date and time.  You can also increase or decrease the duration of an action by dragging the edges of the calendar entry.

To edit the Action fully, click on the calendar entry, then click the pencil icon.  This will open the full Action window.  Make the necessary changes and click Save to finish.

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