Email templates are a really great way of ensuring that all communications have the same look and feel and match your corporate voice.

Sometimes, though, you need to go beyond the template and add extra information or attachments.  That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

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Loading the template

There are several ways to start the process of contacting a Candidate:

  • When viewing a list of Candidates, select the Candidates you wish to contact then click Email/SMS from the grey menu bar and click Candidate.
  • When viewing a Candidate Record, click the Email/SMS button in the grey menu bar and click Candidate.
  • When reviewing Applications either in Pipeline or Tab View, select the Candidates you wish to contact then click Email/SMS from the grey menu bar and click Candidate.
  • When viewing Applications in Pipeline or Tab View you can also click the envelope icon against an individual Application – that will open the email screen and automatically load the workflow template.


To load a template, use the Select Template drop down menu in the top right-hand corner of the window.


Note: you will only see templates listed which can be used for the current status of the Candidate or Application.  For more information on why the template you want to use isn’t listed, please look at this article.

Tip: if you're making contact from within the Candidate record, you may need to select a Vacancy before the full list of templates becomes visible.


Adding Attaching Files and Questionnaires

To attach a file to the email, click the Attach button.


You now can select where you’d like to upload the file from:

  • From the Candidate – use this option to attach a file from against the Candidate Record
  • From the Company – use this option to attach any file saved against the Company Record
  • From the System – use this option to attach a file from any Record within your system
  • From the Computer – use this option to upload a file from your computer

From this menu you can also chose to attach a Feedback Questionnaire.  Questionnaires are completed online, so rather than an attachment, the questionnaire will appear as a link in the body of your email.  Before attaching the questionnaire, make sure you’ve placed your cursor in the right place within the email, then:

  • Click Feedback Questionnaire.
  • Select the form you want to attach.
  • As the questionnaires are completed online, you need to indicate which website you want the form to appear on. If you only have one website, you’ll only have one option in this drop-down list.
  • Click Add.

The final set of attachments is CVs.  You cannot specify which CVs are attached, simply click the red Attach CV slider, setting it green.  The CV for each Candidate you are contacting will be attached to the email.

When attaching a CV, if you set the Rename CV slider to green, the filename of the CV attached will be replaced with the Candidate ID.

When sending an email to a Candidate with a confirmed Interview, you’ll also have the option to attach an iCalendar file.

Note: when sending an SMS, you’ll only be able to attach a Feedback Questionnaire.

Adding Merge Fields

When you use a Merge Field, the contents of the corresponding field will be added to the email.

For example, if you use the {CandidateFirstName} merge field, when you send the email it will be replaced with the First Name of the Candidate.

To insert a Merge Field, place the cursor where you want the text to appear within the body of the email and click Merge Fields.  Scroll down the list until you find the field you want to use and click it.


Carbon and Blind Carbon Copy Options – CC/BCC

To add a recipient in CC or BCC, click the CC/BCC option.


Type their email address in to the appropriate field.

You also have the option to CC or BCC User groups.


Click the Quick Add icon against the CC or BCC option and make your selection:

  • Hiring Team – this will automatically copy in all Hiring Managers against the Vacancy
  • Users – this will copy in all Standard (Core System) users against the Vacancy

Switching between Email and SMS

To switch between Email and SMS use the via drop down list.


You’ll now have the option to switch between email and SMS templates.


Sending an SMS

The options available when sending an SMS are largely the same as when sending an email:

  • You can attach a Feedback Questionnaire
  • You can use Merge Fields
  • You can use Templates

There are some notable differences:

  • You will see how much SMS credit you have remaining
  • You can select what reply methods can be used:
    • No Replies
    • Reply to an Email address
    • Reply to a telephone number
  • Depending on the reply method selected, the use of the next field will vary
    • No Replies – the field will be used to enter the reply text. This is what the Candidate will see as the sender of the SMS
    • Email – enter the email address that you want replies to be sent to
    • Telephone number – enter the telephone number you want replies to be sent to


3-Dot Menu Items

At the top right hand corner of the email window is our standard 3-dot menu button, clicking this will display additional settings including:

  • Show Correspondence - this allows you to associate your email with a correspondence type, which can be useful for Reporting purposes
  • Show all Templates - this option will only display when emailing against an application.  If only 1 template is set as a notification against the current Application Status, the Select Template drop-down will display all templates.  If there are multiple templates set against the notification, this drop-down will only display the additional templates set against the notification.  To show all templates, open the 3-dot menu and set the Show All Templates slider to green.  Now when you open the Select Template drop-down, you'll see all email templates, separated in to Workflow Templates (those added to the Notification) and All Templates.
  • Use Vendor's Email Address - this option only appears when emailing a Vendor Candidate.  Select this option if you wish to send the email to the Vendor rather than the Candidate directly.
  • High Importance - use this to mark your email as High Importance
  • Request a Delivery Receipt - use this to request a Delivery Receipt
  • Request a Read Receipt - use this to request a Read Receipt
  • Track Email Clicked - use this to track when the recipient has clicked on the email
  • Track Email Opened - use this to track when the recipient has opened the email.

Preview and Send

Once you have adding your attachments, merge fields and your SMS content, it is time to send the email. Before you do so however, we always recommend the preview the content first. By using the preview, you can benefit from seeing how the merge fields are populated for each recipient, confirming that the date is pulling through correctly and you have inserted the merge fields as required. 

After the preview and you are ready to send the correspondence, hit Send and the emails will be sent straight away. 

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