When viewing Companies, Contacts, Candidates, Vacancies in a list and Applications in Tab view, you have the option of switching between Simple and Detailed view.  The default is Simple view.

In this article we will explore the two different views and how to use them.

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Simple View

When seen in Simple View, Records are displayed as single rows in a table.


The table is limited to 10 columns, but you can manage which columns are shown and in what order by using the Layout button and then dragging & dropping the fields in to your desired locations.

You can also change the number of rows available on the page, by changing the records number in the grey toolbar.  For both views, this is capped at 100 records.


Detailed View

Detailed View gives you greater flexibility over how much information about each Record you can see, whilst also allowing you to update statuses, add activity and edit the record without the need to click into each one.


As with the Simple View, if you want to rearrange the layout or add/remove fields, this can be done by clicking the Layout button and dragging and dropping the available fields in to your desired location.

Sorting your Lists

When viewing in Simple or Detailed views, you have a couple of Sorting options available to you.


The fields you can sort by will vary depending on the type of Record you’re viewing.

You can sort the list by two fields at the same time if you wish – select the first sorting field using the Sort By drop down list, then use the Then drop down list to select the second sorting field.  For both options, you can sort Ascending or Descending.

When using Simple View, you can also sort the list by clicking on the sorting arrows against each column heading.



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