What does it mean to “work a vacancy”?  Does it make any difference in the system?  How do I know if I'm working a Vacancy?

In this article we'll explore these questions.

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What is working a Vacancy?

When you work a Vacancy, Eploy will give you additional shortcuts to quickly view Vacancy details, access Applications and the Talent Pool.

Additionally, when importing Candidates, Eploy can automatically create applications for the Vacancy you’re currently working.

How do I work a Vacancy?

There are several ways to work a Vacancy:

  • When viewing a Vacancy, you will see a button called WORK ON THIS VACANCY in the blue EployMenu


  • When viewing Applications for a whole Workflow in the Pipeline, having filtered for a single Vacancy, you will see WORK ON THIS VACANCY on the grey menu bar


  • When using the Live Vacancies button, if you select to view a single Vacancy’s Applications, Eploy will automatically work the Vacancy for you


When viewing a Vacancy, if you chose to use the Quick Match tool to access the Talent Pool for this Vacancy, Eploy will automatically work the Vacancy for you, once you apply the search parameters.


The Orange Toolbar

When you work a Vacancy, an Orange toolbar will appear.


From this tool bar you can:

  • See the name of the Workflow assigned to the Vacancy
  • View all Applications for the Vacancy in Pipeline View, by clicking the Vacancy Name
  • View the Vacancy Overview screen by clicking the preview eye icon
    • When viewing this overview, you can switch to full screen or open the Vacancy in a new tab by using the shortcuts in the right-hand corner


  • Email the Vacancy Contact by clicking the mail icon
  • View Applications for the Vacancy in Pipeline view, by clicking Pipeline
  • View Applications for the Vacancy in Tab view, by clicking Tabs
  • Use the Quick Match tool and view the Long List by clicking Talent Pool

To stop working a Vacancy, click the X in the orange toolbar.

Note: Although you can have Eploy open in as many tabs as your browser will allow, you can only work one Vacancy at a time.

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