There are many different Record types within Eploy, each holding key information.  For example, Candidate data is held within a Candidate Record, Vacancy data is held in a Vacancy Record.

Within this article we will explore the different ways of navigating around the system to view these different record types.

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The View Menu

The quickest way to access all your Records is by using the View menu.


From here you can view all Companies, Contacts, Candidates, Vacancies, Applications and Placements by simply clicking on the name of the Record type you want to view.

Companies, Contacts, Candidates and Vacancies each have a sub-menu giving you the option to create a new Record of that type or use the Query Builder.

For Vacancies, the sub-menu also allows you to view Vacancy Templates, as well as quickly access your live vacancies.

Note: if you want to view a single Record, you can locate it using the search tool.  For more information on the search tool, please click here.

Cycling through Records

Having loaded a list of Records, click on the Record Title to view it.

When viewing Records from a list in this way, you can quickly cycle between all listed Records using the Record Navigator, located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


Using this tool, you can:

  • Enter the number of a Record you wish to jump to,
  • Click the Next Record arrow to view the next Record in the list
  • Jump to the last record in the list
  • Create a new record by clicking the +

When using the Record Navigator, you will remain on the Tab that you are currently viewing.  I.e. if you’re looking at the Details tab within a Company Record you will remain on this tab when you use the Navigator to move to the next record.

Note: if you have made any changes to the Record, using the Navigator to move to the next Record will automatically save the changes.  Switching between tabs within the same Record will also automatically save any changes you have made.

Navigating between records

Each Record within Eploy can be linked to another, creating hierarchy. You can use this to navigate from one record type to another without having to use the View menu or search box.

Starting with a Company Record, you can view the company hierarchy by looking at the Structure tab.


Once viewing the structure, clicking on any Company name will take you to that Company Record.

From within any Company record you can quickly view any other records associated with that company by looking at the appropriate tab.  For example, Vacancies will list all Vacancies against the Company and Contacts will list all Contacts against the Company.

To view the Contact, click on the Contact’s name.


There are a similar set of tabs available within the Contact record.

To view the Vacancies a Contact has raised, look at the Vacancies tab.  To view a Vacancy, click its name.

From here you can see everything you need to know about the Vacancy including its Details, Skills, full activity and Applications.


To open the Application, click the Application Date.


Hyperlinked Names

When viewing any Record you will see underlined items – these are hyperlinks. Clicking the link will take you to that Record within Eploy or, in the case of an Email address or Postcode, open a new email or open a web search.

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