The History and Favourites menu items are a really handy way of quickly returning to a recently viewed record or being able to flag a record, allowing you quick access as and when required.

In this article we will explore how to add items to these menus and how to use them.

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The History menu lists the last 10 records you viewed by Company, Contact, Candidate and Vacancy.  It also lists the last 20 records of these types in the order you last viewed them.


Clicking the name of the Record in the sub-menu will take you to that record.

For Vacancies, you have some an additional sub-menu allowing you to view the Vacancy Summary, Applications in Pipeline view, Applications in Tab view and the Talent Pool.


The history is always tracking the records you click into, even between logging out of the system - this means that when you start for the day, you can eaisly access the last records you looked at the last time you were logged in.


If you consistently work with the same Company, Contact, Candidate or Vacancy records, you can add these as a Favourite meaning they are only ever a couple of clicks away. This is a great way of a managing key contacts and clients. 

When looking at one of these Records, go to Favourites and click Add to Favourites.


To return to that Record at any time, simply select it from the list.


To remove the record from your Favourites, click Remove.

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