There are several ways you can follow to view applications:

  • Via the Live Vacancies button
  • From within a Vacancy
  • Via View > Applications

Within this article we will explore how to view Active Applications using each of these options.

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Click here for a complete overview of the Pipeline view.

Click here for a complete overview of the Application Dialogue. 

Live Vacancies

Where a Vacancy is set to a Live status and you are selected as a User against the Vacancy, you will be able to quickly access Applications for individual Vacancies, or entire Workflows, using the Live Vacancies button.

When you click this button, a list of your Live Vacancies will be displayed, broken down by Recruitment Workflow.

Clicking the Workflow name will take you to the Pipeline View and display all Active Applications for your Live Vacancies against that Workflow.

Clicking the Candidate name will then open the Application Dialogue where you’ll be able to view the full Application and Candidate details.


Within a Vacancy

When viewing a Vacancy, select the Applications tab.  This will display all Applications for that Vacancy in a table.

To view an individual Application, click the Application Date – this will open the Application Dialogue.


You can also view the Application by right-clicking on the row and selecting Application from the menu.

Note: if you click the Candidate Name, this will take you to the Candidate’s Record, rather than the Application.

View > Applications

To view a list of all Applications, navigate to View > Applications.

This will display all Applications in a table.

To view the Application, click on the Application Date, or right-click on the row and select Application from the menu.

You can use the Filter, available in the grey toolbar, to restrict the number of Applications displayed by fields such as Status, Date, Vacancy, Source, Suitability, etc.


Hint: when using the filter, if you select All Active from the Application Status field, that will show just your current Active applications.

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