Vacancies can be created from scratch, but it is often quicker and easier to copy an existing Vacancy or Vacancy Template.

When copying from an existing Vacancy or Vacancy Template, all of the information saved within the Vacancy or Vacancy Template will be automatically copied in to your new Vacancy, meaning you can review and advertise your vacancies much quicker.

Within this article we will show you how to find your Vacancy Templates, copy one and discuss a few key things to look out for when creating a Vacancy from a Template.

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Finding your Vacancy Template

To find your Vacancy Template navigate to View > Vacancies > Templates.  This will list all available Vacancy Templates.


You can use the Filter menu to refine the list by fields such as Job Title, Location, Function or Department.

Note: if you do use the filter, don’t forget to set Mark as Template to YES or to select Narrow List from the Filter Options section at the bottom of the filter window.

More information on using the Filter can be found in this article.

Copying the Template

To copy the Vacancy Template right click on the row of the Vacancy Template you want to use and select Copy Vacancy from the menu.

You can also access this menu by clicking on the three dot menu on the right-hand side of each row.


This will load the Insert Vacancy form, but with all of  the details of the template pre-populated for you.

You can now review all of the information and update as necessary.

Pay special attention to:

  • Vacancy Title – this will copy the name of the Vacancy Title and you may need to change it
  • Automatically Send Workflow Emails… - this may be set to NO in the template. If you want Eploy to sent workflow emails automatically, ensure this is set to YES.
  • Vacancy Authorisation Workflow – Eploy will not automatically assign a Vacancy Authorisation Workflow for Vacancies created in the Core System. If you wish to put the Vacancy through Authorisation, you’ll need to click Select and identify the Authorisers to use.
  • Vacancy Status - The vacancy status will drive which stage of the authorisation process this vacancy is at. If assigning an authorisation process to the role, ensure the Vacancy Status is set to the first stage of your Authorisation Workflow.
  • Company – this will have copied from the Vacancy Template. If you need to change this, you’ll be asked if you want to replace Vacancy Information.  Clicking YES will overwrite any fields on the Vacancy which do not agree with the corresponding fields on the Company.  For example, if the Location of the Vacancy Template is London, but the Location of the Company is Birmingham, Eploy will change the Location to Birmingham.  Eploy will also replace the Vacancy Address with the Company Address.
  • Contact – Replacing the Company will likely result in there not being a Contact selected.
  • Advertise Internally and Externally – these tick-boxes will be unticked as a default. You’ll need to tick them if you want to advertise the roles on your website.
  • Application Screening Forms – when you copy the Vacancy Template, you’ll be taken to the Details tab. You cannot specify which Application Screening form you want to use from here.  You’ll need to access the Summary tab then access the Application Screening section.
  • Attachments – if you wish to attach a downloadable Job Description, this can only be uploaded from the Files tab.

Once you are ready to publish your Vacancy, return to the Details tab, set the Status to Live Requirement and click Save.

Hint: Navigating between tabs will automatically save any changes you have made.

Viewing your new Vacancy on your Website

At any point after the vacancy is created, you are able to see how it looks on your Website by clicking the View Live button which on the Grey Toolbar when you are on the Summary, Details or Address tab.


This will open your Vacancy in the Candidate portal in a new window.

If the vacancy does not have an Active Status Type, or does not have Advertise Externally ticked,  the vacancy will only be visible to you, it will not be visible to candidates until the Vacancy is changed to being Active, with Advertise Externally ticked and a current Advertising Start Date

If you send the vacancy link to a candidate, and they receive an error message instead of your Vacancy, here’s a couple of things to check:

  • Status – has this been set to an Active Status Type? Most commonly, this will be "Live Requirement" but if this option isn’t available, make sure you select a BLACK option. Options coloured RED will take the Vacancy down from your website
  • Advertise Externally – is this ticked?
  • Careers Site Advertising Start Date – is this a date in the future? If so, you won’t see the Vacancy on your website until 12am (midnight) on that date
  • Careers Site Advertising End Date – is this date in the past? Vacancies are automatically taken down from your website at 23:59 on this date
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