As part of your implementation of Eploy, we’re offering complimentary Webinars, ran by Eploy Academy, providing an overview of how to use the Eploy system.

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When should I attend this webinar?

This webinar is perfect to attend right at the start of your implementation, as it’ll give you context to the conversations you’ll be having throughout your project, and it’ll give you a basic understanding of the system and how to carry out day-to-day tasks, which can help you to make informed decisions about the design and configuration of your system.

You’re more than welcome to attend this webinar multiple times throughout the project – you may find it beneficial to attend this event again in preparation for the Customer Configuration and Customer Testing phases of your project (dedicated training for these two phases is also available – please ask your Implementation Manager for more information).  

Who should attend this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at all Core System Users i.e. you Recruitment and HR Admin teams.

This webinar is not suitable for Hiring Managers and Candidates.

What does the webinar cover?

During the webinar we'll walk you through a typical recruitment process, looking at the following primary areas:

  • An Introduction to Eploy and useful terminology
  • Using the Hiring Manager Portal to raise and authorise Vacancies
  • Navigating around the Core System, raising and setting Vacancies Live
  • The Candidate Journey – Registration, Application and Onboarding
  • Submitting Candidates via the Vendor (Agency) Portal
  • Reviewing Applications in the Core System and Hiring Manager Portal
  • Scheduling and conducting Interviews, both in the Core System and Hiring Manager Portal
  • Creating a Placement, Offer Letter, Contract and completing Onboarding incl. References

As this webinar is aimed at customers going through Implementation, we'll be signposting throughout the session which areas of the system can be customised.  Some customisations can be done by you (and we'll teach you how to do this during the Customer Configuration training sessions) and some can only be customised by your Implementation Manager (but we'll let you know which is which as we go through the session).

Another thing to note is that this webinar is a demonstration-only session.  You won't be given login details to the training system being used, but you're more than welcome to access your Demo system and have that open at the same time if you're more of a kinaesthetic learner, and "learn by doing" rather than watching.

Finally, we won’t be covering the following topics during this webinar…we offer different training sessions for these topics, which are delivered both before and after you go-live (your Implementation Manager will be able to discuss these training sessions with you):

  • Creating Dashboards
  • Running Reports
  • Candidate Search and Talent Pooling
  • How to configure your system e.g. Drop-Down Lists, Recruitment Workflows, Application Screening Forms, etc.

What do I need?

To get the most out of the webinar, here are our top tips:

  • If there are multiple people who want to attend, register individually and use your own computer – training via Conference Phone is rarely effective
  • Use a headset or headphones to dial in – these webinars are 5 hours in length! Don’t worry though, we’ll be taking regular breaks…not forgetting lunch!
  • Have a pen and paper handy to make notes throughout the webinar

When does it take place?

This webinar takes place every 2 weeks, on a different day each week – the current schedule is listed below.

The webinar runs from 10:00 to 15:00 with a 15-minute break around 11:30, a 30-minute break for lunch at approximately 12:45, and an afternoon comfort break at around 14:15.

Please use the registration links below to register for your preferred event.

There is a limit of 12 attendees per session, so please book as soon as you can to ensure you have a place.

How do I attend?

This webinar is delivered via Zoom.  For the best experience possible, we recommend that you download the Zoom Client, rather than joining via your browser.

If you’d like to check whether you can use Zoom, please use this link to launch a test meeting -

The current schedule and registration links are listed in the table below:

Day Date Registration Link
Monday April 4th, 2022 Click here to register - April 4th
Tuesday April 19th, 2022 Click here to register - April 19th
Wednesday May 4th, 2022 Click here to register - May 4th
Thursday May 19th, 2022 Click here to register - May 19th
Wednesday June 1st, 2022 Click here to register - June 1st
Friday June 17th, 2022 Click here to register - June 17th
Monday June 27th, 2022 Click here to register - June 27th

Note: when you register you will receive an automated confirmation email, which includes a calendar attachment.  

If you have any questions relating to this webinar, or need to cancel your booking, please speak to your Implementation Manager, or email

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