Job Alerts allow you to actively engage with your talent pools, simply by advertising new roles. As candidates register and sign up for job alerts, any roles that match their preferences will be automatically emailed & alerted to them, encouraging them to apply. You can manage this entire process, including dictating exactly which preferences to match on and the frequency of alerts, all within Eploy Job Alerts.

As well as dictate the preferences, you can also manage:

  • How often alerts are sent to encourage the right kind of engagement, but also avoid pestering potential candidates.
  • Alert email content, ensuring that any comms meet your brand standards & guidelines.
  • Summary emails, used when multiple jobs published on the same day meet the candidate preferences.

The job Alerts module also allows you to preview on behalf of any specific candidate, whilst also giving a summary of engagement such as number of subscribers, number of matches & number of emails to be sent. 

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