The Reference Collection forms dictate the information that you capture from a referee, once the candidate has provided their details. You can create different forms for each type of reference (employment, personal or academic, etc), all of which will use our Eploy Discover Form Builders. 

Fundamentally, building the reference collection form is the same as any forms you build for application or onboarding.

Hints & Tips

As a reference collection form, there are a couple of additional things to consider when using the form builders so keep these in mind:

  • You can add standard fields from the database into the form, but these will be read only for the referee. This can be particularly useful for including details re the candidate they are providing the reference for, or details of the role that the candidate is being referenced against.

  • Any fields for the referee to complete need to be added as Discover Fields, which are then only stored within the reference itself and the resulting document (which can be created automatically once the reference is provided).
  • Depending on the information you require, consider the use of paging to simplify the process. Also factor in mandatory fields as the more required of a referee, the greater the impact on referee engagement.

  • As a reference, there are no auto grading or scoring options but once the reference has been provided, you will be able to update the status and give the reference an outcome i.e Suitable / not Suitable.
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