When managing your reference collection settings, you first need to configure the basics - how long references are valid for, who can access and if you want to include a consent document for the referees.

To do this, select Admin - Reference Collection from the Eploymenu.

Hint - This option requires an additional permission, so if not visible you will need to update your permissions to allow you to manage your reference collection settings.


Once within the Reference Collection Module, you can start to configure:

  • Completed Reference File Type - When a reference is provided, Eploy will automatically create a document and save it using this file type. This means its easier to then download & share the content of the reference as required.

  • Expires in (Days) - If a reference is requested but not provided, the reference will automatically expire after this number of days. Keep this in mind for when you configure the number of reminder emails you want to accompany your reference requests.

  • Show Right to Contact File - The right to contact file is a signable document for your candidate to complete. This signed consent will then be automatically included with the reference request, meaning that the recipient referee will have the candidates consent to release the information. This can be particularly useful for organisations that require written consent from the candidate.

Hiring Manager Settings

As well as the default reference behaviour, you can dictate the Hiring Manager permissions in regards to references from here:

  • Allow HM to view references - This will give your Hiring Managers visibility of any relevant references in the portal. Once this option has been selected, you will also be able to:
    • Allow HM to update reference status - Once a reference has been received, this setting allows the HM to change the status and sign the reference off i.e. changing it to Suitable to Not Suitable.
    • Allow HM to download reference files - As files are created when a reference is provided, this settings will allow the HM to download the document when viewing the reference.
    • Allow HM to submit references - References that are not automatically requested can be submitted from the application dialogue, whilst this setting makes the function available in the Hiring Manager portal.

Click Save to confirm any changes, before moving onto the Reference Settings.

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