Saved Queries make it easy for you to load complex searches, but you can make it even easier by adding them to your dashboard. This will save time as you don't need to navigate first before loading your query and you can access the query builder or view the count all from the dashboard.

To learn about creating and saving queries, please see here.

Configure Widget

To begin, click Add Widget on the grey toolbar when viewing your dashboard. This will open the configuration window, where you can select the required chart or widget type. Within the Other Section, choose the option for My Queries.


From here, select the Record / Query Type, and give the widget a name. Within the Saved Queries menu, pick as many save queries as you want to display, using Add to include them in the widget.


Once Added, you can use the handles to change the order in which the queries are displayed. Finalise the widget by clicking Save, which will add the widget to your dashboard.


Hint - Once added, you can click the name of the query to navigate to the filtered list, select the preview eye to see how many records are currently in the query or load the query builder based on the saved query using the Query Builder icon.



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