Credit History brings all of your additional spend within Eploy - whether it be SMS, Signable documents or Video Interviews - all into one place, allowing you to keep track of your bundles, allowances and credits.

You can find this within Reports > Credit History on the blue Eploymenu (permission dependant).

Credit History Dashboard

When you access the Credit History, the top section is your monthly summary dashboard, which will include any allowances you have set up, as well as any credits or balance you may have:

  • An Allowance renews on a monthly basis and means you have an X number to use each calendar month. Any unused do not roll over each month and if you exceed your allowance, your balance or credits will then be used.


  • Credits are a set amount of purchased documents, SMS messages or Video Interviews. These are not calendar based, so will not expire and can be used at any time. You can purchase credits as a back up for allowances, as they represent better value for money than using these features on a pay as you go basis.
  • Your Balance is a monetary value which can be used across any of the chargeable features. This means that you don't need to allocate the budget to SMS or documents specifically, but will be used for any if you exceed your allowance or run out of credits.

Credit Audit

You can also Credit History as an audit, which will allow you to track all previous spend across the different features and over time. The grid allows you to see exactly which vacancies where posted, who completed Video Interviews and where SMS messages where sent.


Use the Product Type drop down list to filter for specific usage quickly, or click Advanced Filter to use the query builder to look for specific date ranges, recipients and vacancies.

Hint - You can also create dashboard metrics and widgets to help you track your credit expenditure, so try creating a breakdown of your monthly usage to keep an even closer eye on how and when your balances are being used.




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